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Introducing the Cat Bed Side Table


A versatile and practical piece of furniture designed to cater to both your functional needs and your feline companions' comfort. Not only does this table serve as a fully functional surface for various purposes, but it also offers a safe and cosy haven for your cats to play and sleep. It proves to be particularly beneficial for cats who tend to be nervous or shy by providing them with a discreet hiding place.


The Cat Bed side table boasts a timeless and elegant design that effortlessly complements any living room decor. Whether you choose to place it in your living room, next to your bed, or any other desired location, its classic appeal will seamlessly blend into your existing furniture arrangement.


We take pride in our commitment to your convenience, and that is why we ensure that the Cat Bed side table is delivered fully assembled. Upon receiving your order, simply slot in the provided legs, and your cat can immediately begin to explore their new sanctuary. This hassle-free setup allows for an effortless transition into their new surroundings, ensuring a seamless experience for both you and your feline companion.


Invest in the Cat Bed side table today and provide your cats with a stylish and inviting space of their own, where they can indulge in play, rest, and relaxation, all while harmonising beautifully with your home decor.




400mm x 400mm x 440mm

Please note:

This product is made from softwood which often has naturally occurring wood knots.

Due to the rustic nature of the raw material each piece may have a unique texture and grain patterns. (Which we believe adds plenty of character 😊).


Manufactured from European Redwood, supplied from FSC approved sustainable sources.

Cat Bed / Side Table

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